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At Impeccable Equerry, we make chaps with the same dedication as a tailor would make a custom suit. Everything we make is for you—your body, your style, your ride. If it comes from Impeccable Equerry, you can trust it’s been built with the ultimate regard for your personal equestrian requirements.

the only design

with d.a.s.h. ®

Our chaps are the only pieces on earth built with our patent-pending D.A.S.H.® system: Direct Adjust Spur Holder. Your spur will stay locked in place while riding competitively or training.

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Fully custom

Our design process encompasses 11 anatomical measurements, from each leg. This ensures a precise fit that cradles your calf from top to bottom.


The attention to design detail is exceptional. The quality of leathers used is of the highest standard. While I do not ride often, now when I ride, I am confident that I am wearing the best of the best in chap design and function.

Barbara, Missouri

As a person who is super tall and has super long legs, it has been hard to find a pair of chaps that fit properly and are tall enough.  Not only are these customized to my length, but they fit perfectly, and are so comfortable. I highly recommend this product!

Kristina, Michigan

Impeccable Equerry's amazing attention to detail ensures that every chap Nicola makes is stylish, unique and flawless. The spur system is really innovative and makes swapping spurs really easy. Really awesome and inventive product!

Julie, Michigan

Very high-quality product beautifully put together! Turned out exactly as I hoped they would. Perfect Fit. Thank you!

Kathryn, Michigan

The multiple surgeries I had as a young child for severe club feet always made it difficult to find shoes that fit my unusual measurements. Nicola even helped to create extra calf muscle in the chaps to accommodate for what I lack. 

Julie, Michigan