The Classy Cowgirl Tobacco/Red

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Inspired by the original The Fleur de Lis style, this client wanted more of everything!  Infused with decadent Western detailing, we added more detailing, more scrolling, more underlays, scalloped calf pads, topped off with iconic western mule ears, gold rivets and striking red underlays!  This style showcases a testament to the level of detail we bring to each and every product. We allow each of our designs to serve as inspiration for the next. We are here to translate your ideas into something remarkable, that will serve and protect you as a tool even while you ride.


  • D.A.S.H system for quickly changing out or adjusting spurs on the go
  • Wrap around calf pad, three layer leather calf pads for ultimate comfort and protection
  • YKK zippers
  • Drops seamlessly onto English paddock boots or Western short booties of similar color
  • Style opportunity!  Own your style with Swarovski crystals, fringe or other style features

Fully Custom Orders

Ready to turn the Style and raise the -Bar-?

Feel like you’re wearing someone else’s chaps? Our custom fitting process covers 11 anatomical measurements from each of your legs, ensuring a snug and personal fit from top to bottom. Once measured, we work with you to position integral features like zipper location, shaping, and spur pocket location - you have choices!

Once the fit and features are in place, we spend time listening and learning about your style preferences, selecting colors from our extensive range of luxurious instock materials, as well as trim and ornamentation ideas.  Then we get to work on designing your very own custom masterpiece.

We hand cut individual (,left and right,) patterns for anatomical differences, carefully cut and prepare your chosen leathers, then hand craft your custom chaps to perfection.

This process and service is very personal.  Our goal is to deliver each client the most comfortable, protective, stylish and perfectly fitted chaps for their ride and lifestyle.

Your customized chaps are a few clicks away. Tell us a little about your style and taste and we’ll contact you for the next step.


The Classy Cowgirl Tobacco/Red
The Classy Cowgirl Tobacco/Red